Monday, September 22, 2008

Rainy day update

Since the weather has turned windy, cold and wet, I thought I'd take this opportunity to tell you about our weekend. Yesterday we went to a Sustainable Living Expo in Ararat. It was quite good - worth the trip for sure! There were so many stands with information and services and of course, free goodies! We were thrilled to receive a free She-Oak tree and a compost turner! The Sea-Oak is a good tree for large parrots, and cockatoos. Its our second free native tree since living here! Not bad at all. :) We will order some mulch on Tuesday and hopefully plant out the back area with those trees and more - it should turn out quite nice - our own little revegetation project! Of course, we are taking a risk doing so - since the land is not ours we can only hope the owner (whoever that is, rail or water company, we're not positive) won't mind too much!

We finally found a bath which will be home to yet more worms. Marty tested it out for himself and found it quite comfortable!

Marty mowed the back area again - much less difficult this time. The back fence is the limit of our property and just over it will be where we put the mulch and native trees and plants. It should help with the train noise a little, and cover the view of the silo's a bit too.

The old dead almond tree is quite spooky to look at. While all the other fruit trees are flowering, and the rest are growing new leaves, the almond tree just sits there in suspended animation almost.

Oh, and I can't forget our bikes project! They're all pulled apart and in pieces at the moment, but someday soon we'll be riding these around the streets of Stawell. They were pretty good value at $5 each - but we've got some new tires and tubes, and we still need new chains and to "true" the wheels a bit.

This week should be productive. I'd like to get more gardening done. I planted more chives this weekend and I'd like to plant out more potatoes and put Spartagus the asparagus into the ground too. We may get some calls back about a solar hot water system or two, and the rain today makes us wish we had a rainwater tank installed already!


  1. It's nice that Henry has such a good sized yard to run around in. Also when you the Sea-Oak is a good tree for large parrots and cockatoos-are those native there? They just fly around naturally? If so, that's pretty cool.

  2. Yep, the birds are native here, they just fly around doing their thing. They can be quite noisy and destructive at times, which is why some people might dislike them, but they don't appear to be causing any major issues around here. We like them - we're all for encouraging them!

  3. Glad to see you're back blogging again. I've been wondering what you two(three)have been up to.

    Your weekend outing seems like fun. Nice that your got a free tree. I hope you get lots of Parrots etc. I look forward to seeing them when I visit.

    Marty, that bath looks long enough for you. Might think of keeping it for yourself.:

    Poor ol' Henry. I sure hope he gets that thing off soon. I wish him luck at the vet.

    love you both, Mom