Saturday, November 22, 2008

Singer Sewing Machine Manuals

I have available the following Singer Sewing Machine manuals;

328 "Style-O-Matic" manual
201 manual
319 manual

The 328 and 201 manuals are provided by Singer for free from the following website;

Singer Instruction Manuals

My 319K's serial number is em870650, and according to the Singer Co website it was made in 1957 in Clydebank, Scotland. We picked it up from the opportunity shop for only $25 and it runs beautifully!

My 328P was made after 1957 sometime, in Penrith NSW, Australia. I won it at a clearing auction for $25, and after a clean, oil and a new needle, runs perfectly and quietly. I couldn't be happier!

My 201P was also made after 1957 sometime, in Penrith NSW, Australia. I won an eBay auction for only $30. It's a treadle machine with no electric motor at all. I look forward to cleaning it up and trying it out.


  1. Thanks for posting this manual - having the manual is invaluable, and we need to look after these old machines :) I guess the one I have inherited is 50 years old and still working. It would be a shame to not know where to to oil it!

  2. many thanks for the manual, we got left this machine and have had it in the garage for ages, we might just be able to use it now!! London England.

  3. Thankyou SO much for making the manual available for free! I have just found a 319k machine which is being serviced and adjusted to return it to former glory by a retired Singer service technician, its pale green and just beautiful. I cannot wait to start sewing with this gentle giant! I can't believe how much information is in this manual and all the things I will be able to do with it. Next job, acquiring cams!

  4. Thank you very much for posting this manual. My mother bought this machine when I was born 50 years ago. I learned to sew on it at age 12-18 and loved it but moved overseas in my twenties. I bought a "modern" machine but it simply wasn't as sturdy and seemed to be made carelessly in comparison to my 319K. I am now back using it again but went searching for the manual to find out where to oil it. It always runs much more quietly after oiling. Nice to see so many people still enjoying this workhorse! Thank you again.

  5. Thank you so very mutch. Now I can use my machine completely. I have owned it in 25 years, got it from my grandmother, who had found it in the garbages. She saved it, and it still works :)
    Annica in Sweden

  6. Thanks for the manual, Helped me get the best out of my Classic Old Sewer.
    Steve Allen.

  7. Hi!!
    Thank you so much for posting the manual!!
    My mum has her grandmothers much loved 319K Singer, which she remmebers being used to make her school uniforms when she was eleven, its been all over the world from south korea to south africa and is now resting in dubai. I'm the fourth generation to have benefitted from it. Sadly though, the drive belt is literaly hanging by a thread, Singer dubai laughed and scratched their heads when we sent it for service. can anyone suggest where we can source an new drive belt as ours is hanging by a thread?
    Many thanks,

  8. Hey Manda, I went searching for info on our Singer 319K via google and found your site, then saw that you've got my blog (Permaculture Pathways) listed! Great machines aren't they? I'm just finished my first sewing project - garden party flags.

  9. I´m so happy to get the manual. I have this old machin i´m going to give to my daughter. My houseband is trimming the machine but the manual is lost. And then i found this blog. I remember this machine was so good to work with.

  10. Hello Manda and Marty

    I found your Blog whilst I was looking for information on the Singer 319 K Sewing Machine.
    I was just 15 when my parents purchased a brand new one (serial number 173038) for me in August 1960 after earlier giving me a Singer Treadle Machine. It came in its own smart cabinet with a comfortable sewing stool.It has been a great sewing machine and I certainly do not want to part with it. I had it serviced once after using it for 20 years and the technician wanted to buy it!
    Now after almost 50 years of use I need to find the right technician to fix the two spool pins, one is loose and the other has come off.
    Even so, I am currently making dresses on it for my Granddaughters.
    I still have all the Instruction Books and Fashion Aids it came with.
    Bronwyn of Victoria Australia

  11. I know an op-shop that sells machines. I only know of one though.

  12. I won my Singer 319 on Jack Davey Singer Radio Show on Radio 2GB Sydney in April 1957.
    We have had the cabinet restored and just in the process of trying to work out how to get the bottom piece on which the sewing machine rests when folded down into the cabinet, back into place. What grand old lady of sewing this machine is. In early years I made everything from wedding dresses, jodphurs, all the kids clothing. My ambition now sits with the rather lowly task of mending which has been piling up.
    My machine (an it is green) was made in Great Britain. Serial No K 8284564. As the first fully automatic sewing machine it was considered light years away from any of its competitors at the time. I was so proud of it and of winning it on the immortal Jack Davey Show. The show went to air in late June 1957. It was delivered the night before my wedding and my husband wanted buttonholes done on his wedding shirt. Can you imagine that? I unpacked the machine and HE wanted buttonholes! When my husband took it to pieces a few months ago, the cotton spindle went missing as did the silver screw which keeps the discs on. I've borrowed a spindle, so if anyone has one, and/or the screw that keeps the disc on, I'd be happy to purchase.

  13. thank you so so so much! i found 319k without the manual. i've been seeking manual whole semester and now i finally find it. thank you! :)

  14. I am using my Mum's machine which was given to her when I was born. She used it daily for over 45 years and I learned to sew on it. I have the manual minus the first few pages which I can now print to complete the book. There was a fire in the house several years ago and although the machine was completely black it still worked perfectly. I have 2 other machines one is about 20 years old and a new 'state of the art' machine. I still like to use my Singer for some things and I'm amazed at it's capabilities considering it's age.

  15. Thank you so much for posting the manual and being about to read the wonderful stories about this old lady! I found this precious item today and was looking for a manual so that I could learn more about her. She will be treasured for a long time to come. Roseanne

  16. Thanks so very much for making available this Manual. I inherited a 319K machine from my grandmother (SN EN673525) and had it serviced at a Singer shop. I have used it for simple tasks, namely hemming. With the Manual, I hope to explore other possibilities! Thanks again.

  17. My 319 (green) has been through a house fire. It is covered with black soot. Is it advisable to salvage the machine? Will it cleanup? The smoke/soot damage is a 10 on a score of 1-10!

  18. anyone know where to buy the timing belt inside the 319K, it is cotton with metal gears


  19. Siti,
    I am in Singapore and cannot find a good Singer service shop here, I am in urgent need for the 319K timing belt,do you think your service shop may have one?

  20. Hi,I also have a 319k that i bought second hand many years ago and have sewn anything from delicate fabric through to horse rugs and its still going strong.I met a lady in the op shop looking for a 319k and found one for her on ebay and took it to her this morning and she is over the moon with it.The machine that has been through the fire try metho on a cotton bud or pad this should clean the smoke etc off.We are in West Gippsland Victoria Australia.

  21. I also have the 320k and love it though it is in the workshop at the moment.

    I too have the manual which I had to buy but have posted it on my blog for free to encourage any other lucky ladies who receive one of these machines...

  22. Thanks so much for posting this!! My manual got lost 20 years ago when I lent my machine to someone and I've had no idea where to get another one. I'm in the US and there is one on Ebay for $25, or you can pay $9 for one on disk. Free is definitely better!
    I love this machine (mine says 319W) and I'm so happy to have the buttonhole directions again!
    -Laura in Maine (USA)

  23. Hi,
    Thanks for posting the manual.
    John in UK.

  24. Grazie ti scrivo dall'italia ho appenna scaricato le istruzioni della 319 m รจ bellissimo non riuscivo a trovarlo grazie ora lo devo tradurre ora devo darmi da fare per la borletti 1095

  25. If anyone has to separate from their 319 k? I am looking for one ! thanks !

  26. Thanks, My Mother gave this machine to my daughter before she passed. She taught her how to sow a dress on it 20 years ago and she was so happy to get it. Wanted a manual and said she couldn't get it.
    Thanks you Thanks you Thank you

  27. And the link still works today. Absolute life saver! Thank you x x x

  28. thank you for the manual, mine was just gifted to me and is in perfect condition. the manual completes it... again, thank you

  29. Thanks so much for the manual - I was just given a 319 and the manuals on ebay are $8 +++ so I do appreciate your generosity in sharing the information!!! I'm looking forward to playing with my new baby...

  30. Hi i have a singer 319k and was just wondering what year it was made?

    Serial # k9779231 thank you...

  31. SINGER SEWING MACHINE Model 319K, would anyone have an idea of the weight of this machine with it's carry case? I would appreciate knowing for courier costs? Thank you.

    1. Just read your question. It is probably too late to help but my husband weighed our 319K & it is approx. 40 lbs.

      CW in Canada

  32. THANK YOU!!!!!
    the machine has been in my family for 50yrs.
    First my Great Grandfather, then my Grandmother, and now me.

  33. Thank you very much im 13 and this helped me a lot to fix my nan's old one. Thank you!!! :)

  34. Hi, I just downloaded the Singer 319 manual... thank you!!! I recently acquired a Singer 319W machine and the manual is missing, so I really appreciate your link. Thank so much! Carolyn Victoria, Walnut Creek, CA, USA