Saturday, October 04, 2008

Even more green paint

I've been fighting off the same week-old cold, but it seems to be finally loosing it's grip now. I'm all excited because I ordered some more seeds on Friday - roll on next week! This is what will be arriving:

Bean, Climbing - Purple King
Beetroot - Detroit
Carrot - Nantes (organic)
Carrot - Purple Dragon
Corn, Sweet - Golden Bantam
Corn/Maize - Hopi Blue
Lettuce, Looseleaf - Oakleaf Green (organic)
Pea, Shelling - Greenfeast
Pumpkin - Jack Be Little
Pumpkin - Waltham Butternut (Organic)

The chives I planted last week are sprouting already, so we should have plenty of chives for cooking soon! Spartagus the Asparagus is still dormant - but he may never wake up since he was a left a little long before going in the ground, and became a bit mouldy in the bag he came in. Eeww..

The fence is almost finished now - and there is compost in one of the bays now.

It all looks so much better now!

This is the view from the railway track (I was careful, no trains! hehe)

Oh, and the potatoes are looking great too!

Until next time, Goodnight! :)


  1. your fence looks great,
    i lov your 2 big trees

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon Manda.

    Has Henry been leaving the compost alone. I'll bet he would like to have a good roll in something stinky.:)

  3. Did you get the Beetroot Detroit so that Marty would feel more at home? Just kidding. Looks like you've got a nice cornucopia of vegetables to plant. Hopefully Henry won't be snacking on them.