Saturday, December 06, 2008

Catching up..

The sink no longer leaks! It took a little longer than we expected, but it's even better than previous, since the rinse water now heads straight out to the lemon tree (and has the option to be turned back into the waste water pipe anytime). Under the sink looks a bit messy, but we'll get around to plugging those holes someday.

The purple pipe is the symbol for grey-water - water that has been used once already. We can use it on any of the other trees out that side of the house if the lemon tree is getting too much water, but that doesn't seem to be an issue just yet.

We planted the corn finally! The no-dig garden bed is well and truly ready for planting - especially since the pea-straw is shooting and we're having to "weed" it out. We planted a bean seed by each one, and a few pumpkin seeds just for kicks. It'll be interesting to see what happens (if anything) with all that!

Speaking of peas, the ones I planted out the front yard are starting to flower. Tasty peas are on their way! Yum!

We've seen a rabbit or two out the back, although I'm not sure what they're eating. Everything is just about dead out there except the two trees we planted. There was good reason after all to protect them with sleeves. It'll be a while before you can see them over the top of their covers though.

Can you spot the little tiny bird? They have taken up residence in a pile of branches that we've yet to turn into compost. I think we'll need to plant something bushy back there just for them!



  1. I am so impressed by your use of the grey-water. Such good ideas you have.

  2. Our sink we found out just went under the house. Amazing. It took awhile for the smell to come out of the soil near the path at the back of the house.