Friday, December 12, 2008

Garden update

We had a plumber come out to give us a quote on putting in the water tanks, and it looks as though we can put them pretty much anywhere we want them. We've got a couple of places in mind, but this is where they stand at the moment.

The lemon tree is looking very healthy. I have no doubt we'll have lemons again soon enough.

The crop of carrots didn't go quite as planned so far - I have been carefully looking after a nice little crop of weeds! Argh. I don't know what this weed is called, but it is pretty common in our front yard along the borders of the garden beds. Of course, none of them look quite as healthy and happy as the ones we have growing here:

Never mind! Marty and I pulled them out and dug over the soil ready for the new residents.

Planted and protected - little beetroot seedlings!

The 4 bean plants we have remaining are doing much better now. They have a long way to go still, but they've had a rough start!

No such worries with the peas! They're doing wonderfully and we have our first pods on a couple of the plants already!

The weather turned rainy today, giving everything in the garden a big drink. Meanwhile Marty and I will stay inside and keep warm and dry. :)

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  1. Finally a couple pics of Manda. Lookin' good girl. Veggies are lookin' good too. Mom