Tuesday, December 30, 2008

General garden update

Glenda - Hi Mom! - wanted to know how the worms are going!

They're doing OK, but I think their activity level is slowing down due to the hot weather we've been experiencing. I managed to find some:

I'm a little worried - we'll find somewhere cooler for them, I think.

Elsewhere in the garden, the beans are doing great!!

The beetroot is having limited success - most have died off - but I'm not giving up just yet. The one or two that did survive are doing great, which is encouraging.. I intend to plant some more seedlings, but directly into that area rather than into a paper-pot this time.

(It's all a learning experience!)

And I'm crossing fingers and toes that this (and some others like it) is a carrot this time, and not a weed. :)

Here's something we had no part in - they could be apricots, but we're not entirely sure. They don't taste wonderful, but they've weighed down the tree!

We've taken out the no-dig garden bed's contents - it was a little sad to pull out perfectly good corn, but we'll start again.

Oh, and good news, we discovered the missing ingredient in good compost - water! It was dry and cold and wasn't working at all.. with the addition of some water, we now have heat! Finally!

Until next time!


  1. wow you guys have been very busy
    they look like apricots on your tree, not quite ripe by the looks
    last year our tree was full, we netted from the birds, one day they were still green then all of a sudden they were very ripe, keep an eye on them if you intend to eat them.
    this year however we were too late the birds got all the fruit

  2. I found a tool at the hardware shop that helps me turn the compost. It looks like a giant corkscrew and I find it quite easy to drill into my compost and then lift little plugs in order to turn it over. In my experience it really helps to heat it up.

    Love your blog, have been lurking for a while :)

  3. Those are good earthmotherwithin, we were given one at an expo last year and it works wonders in the barrel-type compost bins. I never thought of using it on the big compost piles - it might be worth trying out!

    Nicole, we all picked the apricots that the birds didn't eat yesterday and we ended up with a bag full. Mum is going to try her hand at preserving them, since the apricots themselves aren't juicy or particularly tasty - she can practice on them!

  4. glad to see the worms are doing okay. Seems you two are going to be great gardeners.