Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Autumn garden

The broccoli are planted near the front gate behind Spartagus. They're looking great, getting quite big. There are little eggs that eat a little hole in the leaf, but mostly they are bug-free.

The beans are at the end of their season. We got quite a few beans out of them in the end. I'm leaving the biggest beans on the bush to dry and hopefully plant next year!

The corn actually did produce some cobs to eat! I was nervous about picking them as I wasn't sure when they are ripe. I read that you can peel back the outer layer a little and pierce a kernel. If the juice comes out creamy, then it's ready. The flavour is very sweet, nothing like store-bought corn. Definitely worth doing again, since they're quite hardy and easy to look after.

The sunflowers have been removed, as have some of the zinnias that died early. It's a little bit sad at this time of year. There are things that are just starting out, though like the snow-peas, peas and broccoli. Carrots are still doing well, and we pull a carrot from the garden instead of buying them from the supermarket now.

I removed some of the Zinnias in a different garden bed that were being eaten by an unknown bug(s) - and these lovely Marigolds were underneath and very happy for the extra sun.

I'll post more updates of the garden soon - lets just say my computer problems are all fixed now! Hooray!

Until next time.

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