Saturday, April 04, 2009


Last one for tonight (then I'm off to bed!) - today the Country Fire Authority did a control burn of the area behind our house (along the railway tracks). They warned us a little before hand, so we had the chance to take some pictures!

This would have been a worrying sight if it weren't for the CFA being well in control of the fire!

Aside from the burning, the she-oak tree is nearly as tall as the fence now!

At one point the fire seemed to surprise even the CFA - but it was contained rather quickly.

Our little trees in the smoke.

Marty took a squiz. :)

Then it was all over.

It was interesting to see all this activity in our own back yard. It's quite black over there now.. I'm sure it'll become green with weeds again this winter once it rains again.


  1. Well that sure looks exciting. I'm glad you took pics. Marty took a squiz? What is a squiz?

  2. I think "squiz" is slang for look or looking at something. Like "Have a squiz at this." I could be wrong.

  3. It's one of Marty's favourite words - and Arnie is 100% correct. :)

  4. everything is looking awesome around the cottage & yard
    glad they let you know about the burn off, hate it when they dont & you have to rewash everything on the line.