Saturday, April 04, 2009

The garden update I promised you...

A while back, I planted some herbs in a herb pot we had lying around, and there is one herb that has gone crazy. Oregano. I have to tip prune it, we really don't use enough of this stuff. Very flavourful too. There are a couple of chive plants on each side (although they're really small still) and maybe, just maybe, a couple of parsley plants in the top. You never know, they could turn out to be weeds yet. :)

This garden bed is made out of an old chest freezer we were given for free. It was in too terrible a condition to be used for much else. ;) The bottom is filled with bricks and sand (two things we have plenty of here), and the rest is a traditional no-dig garden bed of pea-straw and horse manure layers. We also have two drainage holes drilled into the side of the freezer, part way up. I've been reading a little about wicking beds, and maybe I can use this garden bed in that way. We'll soon find out. Anyway, I'm hoping to grow water loving plants such as celery and lettuce in this one. The area around it will hopefully have a range of beneficial flowers to attract good bugs to the garden.

This is the progress report on the round raised garden bed we made earlier. It has a mixture of lettuce, carrot and pak choi in it (plus a few weeds I'm sure). I usually have a stool near-by so I can sit down and pick out the weeds easily. I'm hoping to plant some flowers around this garden bed as well. (For the beneficial bugs, that is.. ok, yes, I admit they look pretty too.)

The bamboo in the front garden is looking really healthy. The grass around it are Japanese Blood Grass.

Finally, the Poa we planted! It wasn't easy, but it was worth it.

More updates to follow!

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