Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hooray, it's Flower Day!

Today is "Flower Day" - a great day to plant flowers, peas, broccoli and linseed! How do I know this? Cosmic Garden told me so! ;)

I've been looking forward to today all month. We started by finishing the preparation for the linseed bed. Since we took out the rose-tree, we have been adding horse manure and turning the bed over regularly. What was lifeless sand has turned into lovely looking soil. Today we added compost and sprinkled over the linseed/flaxseed, followed by another light layer of compost.

Watering the linseed bed was all the proof we needed that the soil preparation went well, as the water soaked-in beautifully - rather than beading-off!

I planted out some broccoli which had been waiting for over a month. They're in the 3rd garden bed in the front, and should do well considering the amount of manure in there!

Oh, this "volunteer" plant came up the other week, and I have no idea what it is. I'm thinking a pumpkin vine? Any ideas? It must have come from the horse or pig manure..

We got some hose for the water tanks and hooked them up. There was not yet enough pressure to bring it out of the long hose, but the short hose worked well to fill up the watering cans.

Earlier in the week I placed rocks around the round garden bed in the back, and had been adding a little horse manure and compost. Today I added a little more compost to it, and planted the beneficial bug blend into it. I'm looking forward to seeing what pops up!

We did some preparation for some more peas to go into the 3rd garden bed in the front garden. We plan on getting them in the ground tomorrow - we're going to try something a little different - using the potato cages for them to grow up onto. It'll post a picture of what I mean tomorrow.

The compost heap is going along really well. We turned it yesterday and the heat can be felt on top of the carpet cover! Marty found this colourful bug on it.

We sift the larger bits out of the compost before using it in the garden.

Lastly, here's a little update on the broccoli - slightly eaten, we pick off bugs every day or two - but otherwise looking pretty healthy.

Until next time!

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