Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Many bags of manure

We have found ourselves a local source of free horse manure! We've picked up 3 loads so far, and we'll be sure to go back for more. I'll endeavour to take a picture of the huge pile we're slowly working our way towards bringing home. ;) For now, I have a picture of the first load in the back of the little car.

We've been working hard on the 1st garden bed out the front. First came pulling out the old rose-tree-thing that was near dead (and quite ugly even when in good health), and then the post that was holding it upright - you guessed it - was concreted in. Marty spent several days working towards the goal of removing it!

We have since thrown quite a few bags of horse manure into the dry dust, and it's looking really nice now. We're going to plant some flax seeds in there soon! I hope they like their bed.

Yesterday we had a visit from the solar power people to see where they might be able to locate panels. We didn't want them on the front of the house (100 year Old Miners Cottage goes solar.. hmm), but it seems that it may be very possible to locate them on the roof of the shed. Nothing has been set in stone as yet, but solar power is looking promising so far!

In the front garden today we planted 19 poa labillardierei nearby the natives, and a Japanese blood grass near the bamboo. I'll get a picture of the end result tomorrow morning since it was late by the time we finished.

Finally, here's a shot I liked - a bug was confused about what to do once it reached the top of the bamboo.

I'll update with more pictures of our toils tomorrow!


  1. True farmers you are. Hauling around horse manure. I hope it helps the plants.

  2. Hehe, I've been carting horse manure home in my little Corolla hatchback. My wife doesn't like the smell of the car now, but she doesn't drive it much so it's OK.

    I'll be interested to see how the solar panels go! We should be getting ours soon.