Saturday, July 25, 2009

Solar hot water news!

We've got the solar hot water system delivered! At the moment, it just looks like boxes in the shed. :)

That's the storage tank. Despite the description on the box, it won't need any electricity for our solar. It's the same size as our current system, which we've never used all of anyway.

The tubes! It's pretty exciting. Oh, in the background is the oven we pulled out of the kitchen. It doesn't work, but the baker's oven is more than making up for it's loss!

The gas boosted system. The tubes will heat the water in the storage tank, and if the water hasn't heated up enough, the gas boost will kick in and heat up only the water that we're needing it to.

Hopefully it'll be installed in a week or so. That should bring our electricity bill down a peg or two! Looking forward to the bills. Well, kinda! ;)


  1. Seriously impressive equipment there folks! How wonderful to have hot water for free!
    We still have just a gas hot water system, but one can always hope! P-)

  2. Yopu have a wonderful chronicle of your efforts here - something to look back on and see how far you've come.