Monday, November 02, 2009

Paths and Potatoes

We didn't think the rock we brought on the weekend would be enough to finish the path, but it was! It only took one day after the rocks were delivered before the earwigs called it their home, though.. Anyway, happily, the path is now finished and should help keep the water away from the side of the old miners cottage!

From the front of the house:

Looking down to the backyard:

Looking to the front yard:

Hmm, I think the house needs a coat of whitewash. :)

The potatoes popped up! The Saphire potatoes are doing really well. I've topped them up with compost to keep their stems from seeing too much light - and increase our potato yield. (With luck!)

No earwigs in the traps of the Saphire potatoes. Phew.

Unfortunately the Russet Burbank are having a slightly harder time of it. I suspect the bottom of their water-tank has more holes in it than the Saphire potatoes water-tank does. The new growth is being eaten by earwigs and the traps have earwigs in them, too.

We've officially ran out of Nuttelex (margarine) containers to use as traps, so either we're going to have to eat a whole lot more Nuttelex, or I might just ask around and see if anyone else has some containers spare! :)

Until next time!


  1. It looks beautiful, I love the rose growing on the pole.

  2. Our newer house has problems with water. Recently we were planting a tree, before it got hot, and found a pit that the older owners were draining the water to. We were at the point of digging one, so now have to join our trench and possibly pipe to it, when we get one.