Monday, December 14, 2009

Those rooms!

Marty and I did some more digging today. It's become so deep that we've had to find a new plank to cross through! This one spans the whole area. It's a bit spooky to stand on, but hopefully it won't be for much longer. We're really getting back into it!

We dug out around the edges of the walls (the foundation rocks) and eventually hit dirt. We moved in to the middle of the rooms and found there were holes with buried treasure in them! Ok, mostly rubble, but the occasional treasure. 2 more coins were found - a 1900 penny and a 1900 half penny.. and this amazing bottle!

It says "W & J. Waters" on one side and "Stawell" on the other! A local bottle! I'm really surprised I didn't break it with the shovel when I was digging it out. :)

It's good to be doing something with "those rooms" again.

Until next time.


  1. What a great find! This is something I would like to do, dig for buried treasure but my poor old back will not allow it.
    The gloves are an indication on just how hard a job it is. When your cottage is finished you will be able to look back...and be PROUD of your accomplishment.

  2. hi I collect old bottles and that bottle is called a torpedo bottle ,if you want to find more bits and pieces get a piece of straight steel rod and poke into the soil gently ,glass makes a different sound to rock ,you never know what you may find, some of those bottles are valuable more so when they have writing or embossing on them ,well done its a beauty ,lorraine

  3. I love the little bottle. I can't wait to see the cottage once its finished. It will be great. Mom

  4. I was going to say what Lorraine said about wire or rod. Wow, what a lovely bottle.

  5. Lovely bottle!! I have to say your place makes mine look like a walk in the park!! But your garden makes me green with envy. I think the second option I emailed about might be the way to go if you are able to do it. will make life simpler for you. Keep up the good work - you are doing wonders with that wee cottage!!