Sunday, February 28, 2010

Preparing for winter

The weather has suddenly turned all wild and wooly, so we thought we'd spend the day filling in some holes in the kitchen that are letting the wind through. There's a gap filling product that is like expanding foam, and it did an interesting job of filling a couple of holes before we ran out. Looks like we'll be getting another can tomorrow too! Only one more hole to cover and the holes in the bathroom cabinet to fill with the foam.

So this winter, when we do fire up the Bakers Oven, it should be a little warmer in the kitchen than last year! Mind you, we're almost keen to fire it up tonight at this rate! Brr.

Other than that, things around the Miners Cottage have been slow. Marty continues to work hard at his job, and I try and keep things running around the house. Somehow there seems little time for big projects lately.

We have been given a lend of a cement mixer, and I am keen on trying it out on the lime mortar mix soon. There is a small area of stone in the loungeroom that I have cleared away the dust and dirt, and I would like to use the mortar mix and fill in a few spots that need repair. If that works out well, I will use the same mix for repointing the brick in there. I'm not sure when all this will happen, but I'm ready to give it a try! (Wish me luck!!)

Until next time!

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  1. Ho amazing! We are still baking in Perth! Sounds lovely to be cool. Might even want to do some gardening if it ever cools down.

    Good idea to get your cottage ready for cool weather though. Wishing you good luck with the cement mixer!