Monday, October 11, 2010

Guess what??

I'm sure this will come as a shock, so I'll type it slowly. :)

We've finished the chook pen!

What do you think?

The golf ball will do until real eggs arrive.

Complete with chalk board and curtains.

There are a few finishing touches required still, such as a door latch, but otherwise, quite habitable.

There are quite a few blisters on our fingers now, but we were working towards a timeline. You see, today is the day the local free-range egg company was selling some of their older chooks to the public. It might sound a little odd, but we got them as practice chooks. They'll let us know if the pen is up-to-scratch, so to speak, and then, assuming all is well, we'll get some Dorkings to add to the family. It also gives us some time to find Dorkings, too, since they're quite rare.

So, yes, we have 4 brown little hens in the pen tonight. One of them looks a little stressed still, while the other 3 are settling in quite well. We'll see how they are in the morning.. perhaps I can get close enough for a picture or two!

Until next time!


  1. Looks fantastic, very grand. The idea of having a roost over the table for easy cleaning is brilliant, I think some modifications to my cubby are in order. Well done.

  2. Neat, Ive been waiting for the chooks to turn up. The house looks great, lap of luxury in fact. :-)
    Well done, the pair of you.

  3. I love the curtains! Won't let my chickens near te laptop as they woulod want them too :)

  4. What a fine chook house! Well done, great design, and I'm sure they'll all settle in soon. And welcome to the wonderful world of chook-keeping!

  5. Oh Manda, I was only joking about the curtains, lol.
    Seriously, it looks great!! Good idea to have a chalk board to keep a tally on the egg laying capabilities. Years ago...when we only had a few chooks (and a bit more time) Popeye could tell which hen laid which egg, he says the shell pattern varies from each hen.

  6. very nice work, love the curtains
    all your hard work will be paid off in the form of beautiful yummy eggs

  7. Forgot to add that I am going to copy your chalkboard idea too, I have one lying around gathering dust and didn't know what to do with it. Now I do.

    Fingers crossed for eggs very soon.

  8. Looks great! I'm sure the chooks will love their new home.