Friday, November 12, 2010

..and everything else!

So, what else has been happening around the Old Miners Cottage?

As you can see, everything is flowering and looking lovely. We've got some corn growing, and beans to grow up the corn. I had planted squash seeds, but they didn't germinate. (I'm attempting to grow some more and I'll transplant them in between the corn if they germinate.)
Spartagus the Asparagus is very tall this year and seems happy!
We grew some purple broccoli next to Spartagus, and it was just lovely. I'm letting it go to seed and we'll be growing more of that again next season, for sure!

We were shocked to see the comfrey come alive again and now it's even flowering. Lovely little purple flowers.

Also out the front is this little fig tree. We planted it bare-root this last Winter, and it's showing off some lovely leaves now. A rogue potato is growing next to it. :)

Out the back I've gone crazy with the seed planting (trying to catch up before the summer really hits - I've been a little late this year). They're right next to the water tanks, and I'm determined not to let them dry out this time. :)

Over on the chook yard fence, we've planted a choko vine in a pot with the bottom removed. Hopefully this little thing goes crazy and provides lots of shade and chokos!

Speaking of shade.. We made some adjustments to the lid of the worm farm, giving them a little more air flow. Crossing fingers they survive this summer's heat.

I've left one variety of carrots to flower and go to seed. They're such a lovely carrot, I really want to plant some more! It's a rare yellow rooted carrot, and very tasty.

The fruit trees in the back yard have flowered already, have lovely leaves, and even some maybe-apples:

And this maybe-pear:

Even the lemon tree has quite a few little lemons and a few flowers. The nasturtiums are the real show though! They're doing a great job of covering the ground and keeping the grass away from the lemon tree. Funny though, these nasturtiums were suppose to be non-trailing, bushy types! I was disappointed when I found out, but they're trailing all over the place in their second season. Yay!

As for the chooks, we had no luck last weekend (our contact got cold feet I think!), but this weekend we're attending a poultry auction that has many interesting breeds available. There should be Dorking chooks and fertile eggs available as well, and all kinds of other poultry equipment. It should be a good experience! We're really looking forward to it.

Until next time!


  1. So jealous you are already setting fruit. All of my trees are still barely pushing out greenery, let alone blossoms. Apart from the Lady William and the two crab apples I have yet to see blossom, let alone fruit!! And aren't carrot flowers just so pretty!!

  2. those nasturtiums look fantastic! And "Snap!" with the choko vine on the chook house - we planted two out last week! Isn't it great to see some green after all those long winter months of bare ground. How'd you go at the chook auction? We tried to get hold of some Dorkings but no luck.

  3. It looks like this might be the time of year to come visit. Everything in bloom and not too hot yet. Maybe next year? Mom