Sunday, September 22, 2013

Renovations are boring.

Really! We'd much rather be doing anything else. :)

Like playing games on the phone..

Haha! Actually, the reason I wanted to show off the kitchen again is because we got the cupboard looking oh so very cute. Take a look!

So we spent time painting the cupboard and we put some fabric behind some clear glass instead of the blue stripes. Perhaps it matches the kitchen a bit too well, but oh well.

That photo sure makes the floor look dark! Interesting..

We also replaced the bench seat in the ute for some bucket ones. It should make the trip up to the farm much more comfortable for Marty. See, I'm a fair bit shorter than he is, and what is a comfortable driving spot on a bench seat for me is a little uncomfortable for him! Also, he can recline a bit in these - well, as much as you can in a single cab. We're quite happy with them though! They came out of a wrecked Toyota Surf, so they're re-cycled so to speak. It was a luxury model though, because these seats have lumbar support and a couple of extra adjustments! Fancy! :)

Otherwise things seem to be plodding along at a slow pace. I've excluded the chooks from the half of the backyard closest to the house. A few bonuses are the lack of nasty surprises when walking outside (surprises that involve having to wash the bottoms of the shoes regularly - yuck!), and now I can plant seedlings into the garden beds without them being dug up for dust bathing spots. On the downside, I have to weed the garden beds now - and the chooks felt a bit sad for a few days without their usual dust bathing spots. Luckly they seems to have discovered a few more on their side of the fence, so they're mostly happy again.

We're concentrating on renovating the back room. It's basically a filled-in varandah, with a toilet and it leads to the laundry. It use to house the chest freezer when we had one, and it's now used as a mud room, for shoes and coats and hats. A couple walls were in need of replacement, so the plasterboard has gone up. It just needs finishing now. We'll pretty up the laundry as much as we can, and then get started on prettying up the garden.

Hopefully then it'll be all go for putting the cottage up for sale so we can move up to the farm and garden till our hearts content. :)


  1. The kitchen looks really cute. I love the way you did the cabinet. Glad you got the Ute more comfy with the new seats. I kinda hate to see the old cottage finished. I have so loved watching you two renovate it. I look forward to reading the new blog about the farm. Love from Mom.

  2. You are doing so well! Having time to decorate is a reward for all your hard work!