Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Service Connections

So much to do still, but we have arranged some essential services. All going to plan, we should have electricity through Click Energy (an online only company, which sends its bills in the email and I can only pay electronically, which is fine by me!), our gas from Origin Energy (our current provider), and our phone and internet through Spin (again, our current provider, and they've been good). We received our new phone number today by text message and email - aah, the wonders of modern technology! The mail redirection is in place, and I even did the taxes! Ok, that doesn't have much to do with moving, other than having a bit of extra cash to do it with.

Things that haven't been done yet:
  • Home insurance
  • Renting a moving truck
  • Stocking up on special food items we can't get locally
  • ..and even more packing!

I didn't know we had accumulated so much STUFF over this past year and a half. It's amazing to think that we had about 6 suitcases of clothes and a few boxes of random stuff when we first arrived at our apartment in Adelaide, and now I think we'll need a 3 tonne truck to move it all. I guess that's what happens when both husband and wife like to Op-Shop!

I thought I'd take this opportunity to post up a picture of our new place, from a birds-eye perspective, thanks to Google Earth.


The second is our idea of some "zones" or areas we would like to see in our garden. Yellow areas are places we'd like to put mostly natives. The blue is where the block naturally slopes towards, and we thought perhaps about putting a small pond there, to attract the frogs. Green squares are veggie patches, and the green stripes are for espalier fruit trees and larger crops such as corn. The purple is for the chooks, and the brown is for compost heaps.

I have a feeling we've allowed more room for each of our zones than is realistically necessary - but it's a start. It is easy to become overwhelmed by all of our ideas.. where to start? I'm sure the little map will keep our ideas in perspective.

Something else clearly visible from the map is the train lines. Initially, when we first saw this property for sale online, we were not keen on the noise it must make. Will the trains wake us in the night? Will the chooks scare every time a train goes by? Do they make chook sized ear-muffs? I guess we'll only find out the answer to those questions and more in just 8 days!

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