Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday already

We have a worm farm! Although, it's something I regret now. Originally we were going to use an old bath to keep the worms in, but I was unable to find one. Worrying about the worms being in their "packaging" for the last week, I decided to go out and get a commercial "can of worms" style worm farm instead.

Today I found at least 2 baths available for sale at the local "tip" (technically known as the waste transfer station). Argh! How frustrating!! I guess we needed at least 2 worm farms anyway.

At least the worms looked happy in their new home. :)

See that grin? :D

For some better news, we got our first seed germination yesterday! The chives have popped! I can almost taste them already. ;)

One of the chives yesterday:


Spring is almost here, and the trees around the garden are bursting into life already. I'm not sure exactly what most of the trees are, so it'll be a surprise summer.

Since we moved in, the keys have confused us. We could use the front door to get out, but not to get back in - none of the keys appeared to turn the lock. Strange.. So, the "solution" has been to use the back door to enter the house. That was fine, until I realised that I didn't need a key to get in the back door. A simple shove would open it. Argh! So I played with it yesterday and managed to get the latch to click into place and close properly. Of course, I forgot all about that this morning when I left the house out the front door..

When I came home, the back door wouldn't budge. Yep, I managed to close it properly, but it wouldn't open back up again. I guess on a good note, I now know that all the windows and doors are quite secure. With the motivation of not wanting to pay $140 for a locksmith to come from the next town to open the door for me, I finally jiggled, kicked and pried the back door open again.

I've since dismantled the back door lock, and "fixed" it - which of course means that I can't put it back together again! I can open it from the outside to get in, but not the inside to get out. Haha! So, frustration got the better of me and I tried to find a key for the front door again.. and.. I found it!! It took some WD40 and a lot of jiggling, but I finally have a key to get in from the front door! Hooray!!

So, now that everything smells like WD40, and the doors no longer squeek, it's time to say goodnight for another day. You can bet I'll enjoy my bath tonight. :)

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  1. Guess that's what they mean by the old saying "opening up a can of worms". I've never heard of that before. It's good you two are being so organic. Fresh stuff always tastes the best.