Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Marty is home for good!

Marty came home on Sunday, and one of his first official duties as Man of the House was to rid us of our first big huntsman spider!

He was truly a big one. Hope you like this little movie, starring our new friend - apologies for the screaming!

(21 minutes on 56k dial up)
(2 minutes on 512k)
(Lots faster on decent connections)

Monday we mostly spent driving to Bendigo and back. It takes 2.5 hours to get there - and a little longer to get home when it's dark and raining.. but why? Because the RSPCA shelter there has quite a few doggies to choose from, all needing homes and a good bath. We spent quite a bit of time with the dogs there, but you'll have to check back tomorrow for the outcome of that adventure!

Today was a day of running around doing all kinds of little things, but nothing worth blogging about. Tomorrow means another big day of driving - and I promise to update you on what happens. :)


  1. oh oh marty did you and manda get a dog?????
    man im bummed there wont be anyone to walk me to the taxi on friday :S
    hope everything is going well.

  2. I loved the spider video. It cracked me up. My son the spider catcher. Home just in time to be a hero. :)

    Manda, Your adventures with the keys was very entertaining. I am sure glad that after all that you can now get into the cottage and back in without so much trouble. You are sure handy around the house. Marty is a lucky fella.

    Love, Mom