Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sweet dreams

In my very sleepy state, I just wanted to post some of the latest pictures before I crash into bed.

Marty in the complete mess of a kitchen:

Our lounge-room come bedroom (at this stage) - again, in a state:

The front room:

Spare room/Guest room:

The lounge-room come bedroom once again:

Bathroom - looks a lot nicer than it really is!

Oh my goodness, the laundry is ancient!

The back room:

The view into the kitchen from the back room:

Actually, you can see the reflection of the silo in the window in that shot. It certainly stands out there - I hardly notice it usually. It's on the other side of the train line.

The trains are still a novelty.. hearing them go past is something I stop and listen to! How strange! They don't wake us at night, however.

All in all, the house seems a lot bigger than we remembered when we first saw it.. which is good I think! The faults we saw at the time aren't nearly as big and scary as we thought. On the downside, the backyard seems smaller than we remember it - but I'm sure it'll be fine.

There is so much to do, we don't have paper long enough for a list. :) But for now, it's fairly comfortable, certainly liveable, and full of promise.

Good night!

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