Friday, September 12, 2008

Busy week

Quick post - a picture of the spot the shed use to be in:

We've had such a busy week! We have loan of a lawn mower and are attempting to cut the back area's knee-high weeds. We put in a shower-head, so now we can properly shower instead of taking baths.

The weather is warming up nicely, and we're seeing so many birds here! Just today there were Cockatoos in the tree next door, there were Rosellas in our trees, Wattle birds chasing each other and the usual assortment of Ravens and Magpies as well. There are also a few tiny birds with bright red chests that I don't know the name of. At first I thought it was a butterfly, it was that small!

I'll be sure to take some photos tomorrow, and I'll not leave it so long to write! This last week could have gone better - an issue with our previous residence really brought us down and created a lot of stress - but I have high hopes for this week coming. :)


  1. So what do you have planned for that spot. Dog run for Henry? Or some organic edible delights?

  2. No plans as yet - the almond tree beside the area is quite dead and we'll have to take it down before much happens there. That'll be interesting - to try and take it down without taking the fence with it! The ground is literally covered in old almond shells, so it may make for some nice soil underneath.