Sunday, September 07, 2008

Rickety old shed comes down.

Today's major operation was taking down the rickety old shed that was leaning in the backyard. Mum and Michael came to help and it was done in record time. Of course, Henry the foreman is sleeping as I type. :)

Marty enjoyed using his new crowbar toy!

The plan was to take it down in sections so we can keep the materials for later use, and so it doesn't rip down the old fence behind it.

The shed was pushed upright to get to the iron sheets before the frame was dismantled.

Marty ducks out of the way of the unstable structure.

Then attacks it with the crowbar!

The aftermath held a few surprises for us, though. A very old can of ginger beer! It says "Genuine Olde Stoney Ginger Beer" "serve chilled" "8 FL OZ" - must be old, since we don't use ounces anymore. It's very rusty!

And this ashtray which says "Japan" on the back. It's pretty enough - but damaged on one edge. Not surprising after having a broken old shed on top of it!

I forgot to take an "after" photo of the shed, so I'll take one tomorrow. There is still a bit of cleaning up to do, and we need to move the materials to a storage area. Another job done, thanks to Marty and Michael (doing the labour), Henry the foreman, Mum who made sure the foreman wasn't squished by the falling shed, and me, the photographer. :)


  1. Man, you two are lucky. You have a lizard, a dog and now an antique beer can. All I got is fish and an empty coke bottle. Actually that metal sheeting the shed was made of looks like it could be used to repair the fence if necessary. And now you've got more room in the backyard-good deal.

  2. wow Marty, looks like you have a lot of work to do. I'm glad you took down that old shed before it fell on someone or something.

    oh and how is Sir Henry doing? I hope he is ok with his new head gear.

    love, mom

  3. Just found this picture. If you turn the can of Ginger beer upside down, the picture of the man still works.