Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chook pen construction

The chook pen is looking great. It's a neat little job since we used second hand materials and measured mostly with our eye and a "she'll be right" attitude.

The concrete floor was made the next day, with Marty and Michael taking turns mixing concrete and slopping it down. We were lucky to have the sand already available, Mum and Michael had plenty of stones in their yard that they happily handed over, and the only thing we had to buy was the bags of cement. This is how it looks now, a couple of days later.

The walls will go up next, and we have been scrounging as many timber posts that we can for when we make the fence.

We're finally expecting some rain tomorrow and Friday and I'm really looking forward to it. We've been using our grey-water on the garden beds, but it'll be great to get some real rain.

I just popped out the front door to take a picture of the pea seedlings for you..

.. and Marty and I thought we'd take a peek at Spartagus the Asparagus. WOW! Spartagus and his 2 friends (who came in the bag with him) are finally sprouting and looking like real asparagus plants! WooHoo!

So, that's our exciting, up-to-the-minute news for today! :)


  1. The chook pen is looking good. Soon you will have chooks squaking all over the place. I'll bet henry will like that.

  2. That chook house is pretty smick! Nice work guys. Got to admire a fellow poultry keeper. Chooks are a real delight to have scratching around the garden.

  3. wow your chook shed is looking great :o)

  4. What is a chook? Some kind of chicken? If so, you'll have fresh eggs which would be cool. Then you need to get a cow for some fresh milk and you could have veggie omelets.

  5. Pass on the milk arnie. :p We don't drink dairy - but we did want to start growing some almonds so we can make some almond milk instead! I hear it's quite good.

    Thanks everyone for your comments - we're looking forward to fresh eggs and happy chooks soon!