Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy anniversary

Yesterday we planted peas! It's a little late, but hopefully they'll still grow and produce some for us. Yum! We also got in contact with the previous owners, who were really nice and were able to answer a few questions about the house and land.

We just had to ask about the bricks, which are everywhere in the backyard.. they told us that the backyard slopes like it does because the clay was once dug out to make bricks. Then, once apon a time, there was a demolition of an old pub in town, and the rubble from that pub was dumped into our backyard! So, it all makes sense now! The previous owners carted-out truck loads of rubble, and replaced a lot of topsoil, but we're still finding plenty of bricks every time we dig a hole.

Today is our 3rd year wedding anniversary, and we planted out the old wood stove in the front yard. :)

The plants should grow, spilling over the edge - well, as long as no-one opens the oven door that is. ;)

The front garden beds are now covered with newspaper and straw, and the ladder is up, ready for the beans.

Oooh, and this is a pic of the little visitor we had one night. I don't have any idea where he came from, it was like he appeared out of no-where while we were happily watching TV. Yuck!

We don't kill them, Marty just takes them outside, carefully. That was another wolf spider. There are lots about at the moment. We've also found quite a few frogs and skinks lately - but only in the garden, thankfully.

The rain that was suppose to happen Monday and Tuesday didn't arrive, and the next "possible shower" isn't until next Monday, so the water barrel hasn't been tested as yet.

The plan for Friday is to start building a chook house. We decided not to use the spare shed for the chooks - we want to put them in-between the middle-fence and the composting bays. It should be an interesting project. :) Of course, I'll keep the pics coming!


  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Congrats on three years and still going strong. I wish I had a present to send so instead will send wishes for a lot more than another three years. And hey get some silicone and seal up whatever cracks are in your house so those spiders don't keep coming in.

  2. Did you buy stock in a silicone company, Arnie? Hehe - It'd make an interesting blog post taking pics of all the cracks and holes in this place.

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! Sorry, I knew it was coming up and meant to send a card or something. I am very happy for the two of you.

    Love what you did with the old stove. Your place is gonna be the show piece of the neighborhood.