Saturday, October 11, 2008

Jobs galore

First, I wanted to show off the face-cloth I made a few days ago. It's made of cotton twine which I found at the op-shop and a basic single crochet pattern. I have some cotton left, so I'll be making more!

Today we decided to drag out the old wooden stove from behind the shed. It appears to have been the original wood stove from when the kitchen extension was done - my guess would be around the 1960's. We've gutted it, and it'll make a great place to plant some of these yellow Pigface!

Marty put the posts in for an extension to the composting bays, and I've done a little more painting of the fence. I'll post pics of both when they're done. In the meantime, here is a better view of the temporary water tank. It's suppose to rain on Monday and Tuesday, so we'll let you know how it works soon.

A little potato update - I'm so happy with their progress! These are 4 little Saphire potatoes..

These are the biggest Ruby Lou potatoes we have as yet..

These are the biggest potatoes of the lot, Saphires..

..and lastly, these are suppose to be more Ruby Lou, but they haven't quite popped their heads out yet..

The seedlings are going great now - Just as I was about to give up on all but one of the Italian flat leaf parsley, the rest have finally started sprouting! The original lonely one now has it's second set of leaves just coming through.

The organic chives are looking almost as big as the original chives I planted a month ago now. It's amazing how quickly they caught up.

All the other herbs are doing ok, but they seem to be quite static - haven't changed much for many weeks now.

Lastly, I wanted to share this great little find from the "waste transfer facility". ;)

It's an old cast iron bed head - it'll make the perfect stake for some peas! I've got to plant them soon, as we're fast running out of time for peas. I think it looks great! I intend to put the old ladder up in the other bed for the climbing beans really soon. I'm sure people walking by will think we're crazy, but they'll soon see! :)


  1. Nice job on the washcloth-good use of colors. And that old stove is really neat. Definitely something you don't want to get rid of-even if you don't use it as a stove.

  2. lots of talent in the house. washcloths and rain barrels etc.

    the potatoes and chives look good. good luck on the herbs.

    that old stove looks like one's I saw used in the south when I was a kid. I'll bet it is nearly 100 years old or more. It's a keeper for sure.

    I really like your use of the headboard too. People over here use them like that quite often in their gardens.