Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hazy day for gardening

Marty worked hard in the heat today and got several truck loads of beautiful soil! We're going to get some more tomorrow. I only wish there was an easier way of transporting the stuff.

The best news I have for today is that we finally got around to planting the beans and carrots! We waited until the weather cooled down before we popped them in. There are 12 bean plants, and countless carrots.

Marty and I are really glad they're planted now!

The sky has been hazy for most of the day, and the weather is warm. A funny old day here in country Victoria. Almost electric and energising now that it's cooled down. Love it!


  1. Glad you got your beans and carrots in and that the weather is so nice. Marty, you look proud and I think you should be.

    Will those lizards poison Henry Or just give him a nasty bite. You be careful Henry.

  2. The lizards aren't poisonous, they'll just hurt if they grab hold. If they do, Henry won't forget it in a hurry! hehe