Monday, October 27, 2008

Now it's never gunna rain again

Guess what I woke up to this morning - view out of the (current) bedroom window:

Yep, a truck with 3 water tanks just for us! Yay!

Yesterday's haze, it turns out, was dirt. Lots of red dirt sitting in the air. Yuck. Here's the bucket that usually has lovely clear water for us in the mornings (thanks to a small gutter leak):

And this little gecko was stuck in the other little container:

That reminds me - I have to look-up gutters online. So far, we've been impressed with these SmartFLO gutters. They're not too expensive if we install it ourselves.


  1. Whoa! Big water barrels. I never thought they would be that big. I hope you get a few hard rains to fill them up. You should be all set if you do.

  2. You two will have a regular farm going. You should just set up a stand out front and sell veggies and such. Could be a business venture. Can't wait to see when everything is growing in the back.