Saturday, November 01, 2008

Amature carpet laying

Today's lesson was carpet laying! We were given some second hand carpet for free the other day, and today was the day we decided to put it on the old concrete floor. This is the before shot - the floral carpet didn't cover half of the floor, and it was worn through.

We roughly laid out the carpet..

And this is the final result..

The loungeroom is much more comfortable now! Not bad for second-hand carpet, and it was a great price. ;)

Oh, and the "weird bug of the day" is this little fella who flew in while we were laying the carpet. Not sure what he is, but we popped him back outside anyway.


  1. Henry must be a good inspector cause the carpet looks great. And the price can't be beat. :)

  2. Everything looks to be coming along nicely =D

    Are you self-sufficient yet??

    Cute dog btw.