Friday, October 31, 2008

Things growing without much assistance.

Here's an updated picture of the potatoes, they're growing like mad!

There is something eating the leaves though..

Hopefully it's just the slugs or something. Otherwise, the potatoes appear to be fairly healthy.

The lemon tree that I skeletonised a while back is now shooting quite a few new leaves.

Oh, and the bottle-brush is flowering, attracting many little birds and bees.

Out in the front yard, you can now see peas without having to bend down and move the straw! It's getting exciting!

Spartagus the Asparagus has gone crazy. He seems to grow more with each passing hour. I had no idea this is what asparagus plants look like! We'll wait until next year before we take any asparagus spears from Spartagus though.

And yet another wildlife find - this time it's a baby bird. No idea what kind of bird though.

We have lots of projects on the go at the moment, but none are finished yet - hopefully I'll have some news in the coming days. Until then..


  1. Oh, I want a dog just like Henry, he is too cute!

  2. All your plants look good. I love the tree with the pretty red flowers. Is that what you called a bottle brush? Never heard of it but sure is nice looking.