Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Companion planting

I don't have a pic of the finished garden bed (uhh, I didn't actually finish it.. but it will happen tomorrow!!) but I did do something else interesting. :)

We think the potatoes are being eaten by the Potato Ladybird, and looking at our potato cages, I can understand why - they're an island of food for them! There is nothing else around to eat, especially since the weather has warmed up and the grass (aka: weeds) are dying.

The companion planting information suggested I should plant marigolds, petunias, and alyssum nearby the potatoes. Our local nursery had petunias and alyssum available, so we got some and put them in pots.

These are the first flowers we've planted in the garden. I hope it adds a little to the diversity - some of the potatoes are suffering quite a bit. Either way, they'll look pretty. :)

There'll be more to update tomorrow!

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