Friday, November 07, 2008

Lovely rain!

.. but that didn't stop me finishing a few little jobs. Using the potting mix I got last night from the supermarket, I potted up the last of the petunias that are looking worse for wear. I'm sure they'll bounce back!

The rain has almost filled our temporary water tank! This is the view from the hole at the top:

Something (I'm thinking earwigs) ate most of the beans as they sprouted, meaning I had to replant most of them. Today seemed like a good day for it! I've decided to cover them this time, until they get old enough to look after themselves. Now, I know it looks REALLY bad, and the neighbours will scoff, but if it keeps the beans from being snipped-off at the tips, then I don't care! :p

2 of the beans are still with us, now (hopefully) protected from attack.

I assume the carrots went the way of the beans, too.. Luckily we have plenty of seeds to re-sew the little plot. (Note to self: next time, no newspaper in the garden beds!)

Oh! The rose we pulled out months ago - it's regrowing! We're not quite sure what to do about it, but it can stay for now..

The peas are doing great! I have no idea why they're surviving so well and the beans didn't. I guess earwigs prefer beans?

Lastly for today, Spartagus the asparagus is STILL growing. It's the craziest thing!

As for yesterday:

I finished the no-dig garden bed and gave it the last of the green paint..

and I shovelled the mulch onto the back fence line to help keep down the weeds back there (and so there's a little less to mow next time).

Marty spent a few hours at "The Men's Shed" to make a new frame for the screen door. It's coming along great! Just needs a little wood shaved-off the bottom as the door frame itself is about half a centimetre smaller at the bottom. This is a weird old miners cottage. ;)

Until next time!

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  1. Old MacDonald would be mighty proud. It's good you're keeping on top of all your crops.