Friday, November 14, 2008

Garden visitors

All the wildlife comes out to play now that the camera is broken!

Last night a frog came out after the rain, and sat in the middle of the back yard for a while, and a blue-tongue lizard was in the front garden sunning itself on the paving.

It's so wonderful to see that the lizard is still alive and hanging around our place. I'm sure I have him to thank for the lack of nasty slugs and snails!

On that note, the beans are sprouting (again!) and the ones that survived from last time are getting their second set of leaves. It won't be too long and they'll be too big for the plastic containers I put over them.

The sweet corn and the beetroot I planted a few days ago have sprouted and are growing fast. The corn is long and green, in a tube-shape, and the beetroot sprouts are dark red! Very interesting!

I have ordered a camera, and hopefully it will be on it's way really soon. I can't wait to take pictures again!


  1. Glad to hear your veggies are doing good. And that you have so much "wild life" to help entertain Henry(and help the veggies too).

    I hope your new camera arrives soon. I miss seeing the pics.

  2. Yeah, the commentary is great, but the pictures really makes it come alive.