Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cameraless update

The camera I ordered has fallen through, but we're organising another ASAP. I did get to play with a demo camera today in a store, and it does take a lovely pic. (Especially of Marty's nose. haha)

The garden is going well;
  • The beans have all sprouted except for one (which can easily be replanted)
  • The corn has it's second lot of leaves and is looking luscious, and really should be planted into the no-dig vegetable garden soon
  • The potatoes are surviving, but the earwigs have effected them badly
  • The compost wasn't composting because it was too dry, so I mixed through the contents of the compost barrel, which was far too wet
  • The lemon tree is sprouting leaves everywhere and things look promising
  • Spartagus the Asparagus and friends are all doing wonderfully, we have little asparagus coming up all over the place
  • I "culled" the herbs that weren't growing and kept the only 6 living ones and put them into larger pots on their own

I have plenty of new seeds to propagate as well, including:

Sunflower - Giant Russian (for the edible seeds)
Linseed /flax (to be planted next winter)
Rue (for the chooks)
Tansy (for the chooks)
Marigold (companion)
Nasturtium (companion)
Zinnia (companion)
Dahlia (companion)
Wormwood (for the chooks)
Basket Grass (native)
Native Iris (native)

So there is plenty to do! We've nearly finished the screen door, and I'll have to try anything to get a picture of that, because Marty has done such a lovely job making it (with my help too)! We have put one piece of tin on the wall of the chook house - only 9 or so more to go! ha! ..then a door, flashing, a fence..

Until next time, take care!


  1. Find it hard to believe without pictures.

  2. So glad you found a camera you like. Also happy your veggies are doing so good. I look forward to pics of them and the screen door for the chook pen. We're leaving on vacation on Thursday but are taking a computer so I will keep up on whats going on with you two. Love ya lots, Mom

  3. Where are the pictures?? Don't deny us.