Monday, November 10, 2008

Letterbox lovin'

There's been a little bee in our bonnet about the letterbox since we first moved-in. It doesn't face the street. For some unknown reason, it faced sideways. This morning, Marty decided enough was enough, and fixed it! It makes so much more sense now. Oh, and can you spot the other tiny little change out the front there?

It's a little hard to see, but there's a new number 7 - the old one was too old and small to see. That was my job - and it worked first time. :) Apologies for the picture, though, the camera is giving me trouble again lately.

Part of yesterday's work was moving the mulch around the garden. This spot where the stove is (planted with yellow pigface) looks lots better. The logs and bark on the side there are for the lizards and spiders.. I do plan on expanding this area with the addition of some native grasses and mulching underneath the eucalyptus (gum) tree nearby.

It's going to look fantastic!

The only other things done today was planting one more potato cage. Hopefully we'll get much more done tomorrow! Marty plans on going to the Men's Shed again, to hopefully finish off the screen-door. So far, the project has cost $11 for the new wood frame, $5 for the Men's shed, and $10 for the old screen-door. The flywire would maybe cost another $20, and a few bits and pieces another $5-$10 maybe.. grand total should be around $56 for the screen-door. We priced a new one the other day at over $200 for something much more basic (no cast iron fancy stuff) and "standard" door width and height.. so add more to that to get the custom size we'd need. So, a nice little saving there! I'm so proud of Marty! :)


  1. The old stove looks great. What is yellow pig face? Is it a flower? Whatever it is it looks good growing out of the old stove.

    What is the mens shed? Is it the chook pen that marty built? I am also very proud of Marty. He is being so productive. I'm proud of you too Manda. You two are good partners.

  2. Pig face is a succulent plant, arguably an Australian native, and this variety will produce lovely yellow daisy-like flowers. It's loves full sun and is drought tolerant.

    The Men's Shed is a place in the community where the guys can hang out, work on projects and such. Here's some info about our local one:

    Men's Shed Stawell

  3. I checked out the men"s shed. That is such a good idea. It would be nice if more community's did something like that.

  4. I love that stove!!!!! Must keep an eye out for "junk" around the place to strategically place around the garden