Sunday, November 09, 2008


I wrongly accused the Potato Lady Bird for attacking our potatoes, so firstly a big apology to the Lady Birds.

Secondly, we caught the little buggers who are attacking the potato plants! Check this out!

Nasty little earwigs. There are so many of them here, it's amazing.

We did a garden clean up today, making sure to get all the wood and bricks and other things the little buggers love to live under off the ground. When we pick up a piece of wood or brick, they run in every direction then they hide in the next piece of wood or under the next brick.

We've put in an earwig trap for tomorrow morning, lets hope it works! It's an upside down pot with scrunched-up newspaper inside it. Plus, once we've got some more supplies tomorrow, we'll have a few more surprises for them too. It's war!

I'll take some pics during the day tomorrow so we can show off our recent work. We got some native trees the other day, and today we planted two of them - one is a Yellow Box, and the other is a Lemon Scented Gum. Both are going to be very large when fully grown.

We planted some seedlings tonight, as well - some sweet corn, and the beetroot. Can't wait for those to grow! Yum! Oh, and on a really positive note, the beans that are now protected by the bottles (that look really bad, but I don't care!) are going well! We've got a second set of leaves on one bean plant, and the other has managed to sprout without being eaten. The bottles sure fooled those earwigs. :)

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  1. I'm glad you caught the culprit eating your potato plants. And good for you for saving the beans ugly bottles and all. :

    Good luck on your war with the earwigs(ugly little things). Sounds like you're on the right track. Oh and Henry leave them alone. They might upset your tummy.