Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mass murderers reporting in

Oh boy, I wish I could have taken a pic of the disgusting sight that was the earwig traps this morning and this evening as Marty strained the nasty smelling liquid. Wow! Thanks to this Aussies Living Simply post, we made up a batch of new earwig traps. It involves 1 tablespoon of Vegemite and 3 tablespoons of sugar in a jar and mixed it up with half a jar of water. Popped it halfway into the ground last night and this morning they all had layers of dead earwigs in them! EEEWWW. Marty, thinking the earwigs would sense danger from seeing their dead counterparts soaking in Vegemite, strained out the earwigs from the liquid, and we buried them in a mass earwig grave.

On a happier note, we planted out some herbs into the front garden bed today. Chives, parsley and one sole surviving basil. Hopefully they do well - I'll plant more seeds of basil and some others that didn't do so well during the winter, and try my luck again.

After we finished planting, a small flock of yellow-tailed black cockatoos landed on the neighbours almond tree by the fence. We sat in silence as they perched, and then they flew off as the pigeons came overhead. (The pigeons are a neighbours, they let them out nearly every day for a fly.)

It looks as though I may have to try planting yet more bean seeds - third time lucky hopefully! Not all of them this time, but just the ones that had all their leaves stripped by the earwigs. The no-dig bed has settled nicely and is ready for use, and I'll plant the corn in that.. and maybe we'll plant some beans in with the corn too. I wonder if we can fit corn, beans and pumpkin in there?

Away from the garden, the garage needs a little repair. The rains have caused a bit of a hole under one side of the garage where the plumbing isn't up to standard - which has caused the wall to crack in the corner. It'll require some digging-out and jacking-up to bring it back level. You never know, if all goes well, maybe we'll do our own house re-stumping after this. ;) Uhh, maybe not!

Until next time!

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