Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pea-straw galore!

We took a little trip today to a farm about 10 minutes from Rupanyup to pick up some pea-straw bales. It was a huge farm, with a friendly dog and chickens. We got 13 bales of straw to take home with us all for only $45! What a bargain! We'll be right for pea-straw for quite some time now! See, there are benefits to living out country. ;)

Thanks much to Michael and Mum for the loan of the truck. There are a few times when the little Daihatsu won't quite do the job.

Ignore the mess in that shed - the green bath is not yet being used by worms, and everything else is just waiting for a purpose.

I've planted a couple more potatoes in cages by the corn, and hopefully they'll survive. We've ran out of chip-oil for trapping the earwigs - looks as though we're going to have to make a lot more chips - and soon. :)

I'll be sure to take a pic of the worms tomorrow - they're doing really well. We've changed the way we feed them - we now use a food processor to chop the food scraps nice and small, and it works quite well. They can eat a lot more, and much quicker. We're now using all the parts of the worm farm, and they produce quite a bit of worm juice for the garden.


  1. It's good you're putting the worms to work for you. They are so plentiful so it's great they're useful. Just curious, what is the straw bales for? Some sort of ground cover?

  2. The pea-straw is for lots of things - mulch around the trees (the lemon tree has a lot around it at the moment), for the gardens and it makes-up the bulk of the no-dig garden beds. You can see why we use as much as we do! :)