Wednesday, December 24, 2008

..And this is the downside to where we live - indiscriminant spraying of land with glyphosate (AKA RoundUp).

No, this isn't a trick of the camera, the pink is where the council contractor has blanket-sprayed the ground in glyphosate! It had been slashed only a week earlier, and we thought that was going to be the end of the matter..

This is our fence-line and how close it is to our she-oak trees!

I'm angered beyond words..

We tried to call the council but they're away on holidays. Nice for them! We spoke with the contractor who was spraying and he was insufferable. I'm not going to let this go - the council has publications available saying they "NEVER" blanket-spray weeds. There are so many things wrong with this that it's hard to know where to begin, never mind that the wind was blowing straight into our yard while they were spraying. Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.

The most frustrating thing about the whole incident was that we made a huge effort in the Spring to try and find out who owns the land and ask that they do not spray the weeds. We're more than willing to hand-control them, and revegetate the land using our own funds.. but they didn't even give us a chance.

All we can do is cross our fingers for the trees out there and try to ensure this never happens again. I'm not going to let them get away with this.


  1. I am angry with you. You have tried to be so environmentally friendly and now this!! Give them Hell!!

  2. Correction: My post should have read "I am angry FOR you."

  3. Those dang chemicals. We only have the one planet.

  4. Oh, by the way MERRY XMAS. Since it is technically Christmas day there.

  5. We are backed onto council land through which there is a walking track. We struggle to get council to slash the grass when it's needed to stop snakes coming into the garden, but they roundup the sides of the walking track three times a year. Because part of the track is adjacent to our garden I stand guard in my most intimidating manner and refuse to let them spray near my garden - I am happy to mow the little strip weekly for them than have sprays. They just give me a wave now and stop 50 meters from the boundary. One of the best ways I've found to deal with council is to threaten legal action. I only had to tell the spray fellow once that we are cancer recoverers and would have no hesitation in suing council if there was a recurrence. No more spraying since then. Get stuck into them! Lie if you have to!

  6. oh i agree with Cosmic & Co
    i hate council they think they are gods & can do what ever they want & no one can touch them
    i hope your trees dont die & if they do i would be making council pay for them.
    there is just no need for Poison ever

    i hope you had a wonderful Christmas :o)