Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Water tank update

Finally, the water tanks are now in place and ready for installation by the plumber. The only thing left to do now is dig the trenches for the pipes to go from the drain-pipes, down under the ground and then back up into the tanks. They're all going to be connected together to avoid wasting any water if one tank becomes full.

We dug out the area to about 3 inches deep and filled it with sand.

Then we pushed them into their final resting places on the sand.

They aren't visible from the house - and I personally think it's a visual improvement to the back of the shed. ;)

We're getting a plumber to install them instead of doing it ourselves so we can get a rebate from the government. It should help cover the costs of the installation at least! The tanks themselves cost $600 each and they're 5,000 litre (1,320 US gal) tanks. Once they're hooked up, we'll let you know how much the installation cost.

We got the 3 smaller tanks instead of 1 large tank only because there was a price-war going on in town at the time, and it was a far better deal to go this way. Normally I would imagine you get a better deal with a larger tank.

PS: Marty says hi whilst messing with the sand!

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  1. glad you are finally getting your tanks installed. Lets all pray for lots of rain.