Saturday, December 27, 2008

Garden update post RoundUp

We spent the last few days away from home, Christmas happenings and visiting relatives. Marty tried to make the best of it all. ;)

After the spraying of the RoundUp in the back, we've abandoned the no-dig garden bed back there. I think the native trees will make it, but I just can't trust the vegetables growing in the garden only a short distance away. Never mind, we'll start-over closer to the front of the house. At least things are going quite well in the front garden beds!

Today we decided to "harvest" (for lack of a better term) the potatoes that we've lovingly cared for over the last 4 months or so.

..and these little taters are all we have to show for it:

Better than nothing, I'll admit - and we've learned some very valuable lessons from the experience. Again, one of the main ones is diversity - the front beds are a great example of that concept working very well. Another is to be sure about where the sun's angles during the summer *and* winter - and which trees will cause unexpected shadows during the summer. And finally, earwigs are evil. :)

I did some real harvesting this evening - some peas for dinner. Wow, they are tasty! Absolutely nothing like frozen peas. I can't begin to describe the difference.

Shelling them wasn't as torturous as I've been led to believe. ;)

We tried the Saphire potatoes tonight for dinner, along with the fresh peas. The potatoes taste just like regular potatoes, but they're purple. I wouldn't believe it unless I tasted it myself. :)

So, we'll concentrate our efforts on making the front garden beds productive from now on, and worry about the back area if and when we can. Since the skinks and geckos are looking after the majority of the earwigs up there, I've planted a few more bean plants (which have not yet been eaten), and even a few flowers such as sunflowers. I hope to plant some more beetroot, and we're still crossing our fingers and toes that the carrots get a chance to sprout this time.

Until next time!

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  1. The veggies look yummy. Makes me hungry to look at them.