Thursday, January 29, 2009

Baking - but not bread!

The good news is that it's 11°C cooler inside the old miners cottage than it is outside. The bad news is that it's 43.5°C (110°F) outside in the shade - making the inside temperature 32.5°C (90°F). Yikes!

We've added some extra shade to the front which seems to help us...

...and a little extra shade to many of the plants... the corn seem mostly happy today.

The beetroot are suffering, even with the extra shade and mulch, and the beans behind them are not doing well either.

The shade-cloth blew off the potatoes today while we were out, and I'm afraid they're not going to spring back this time.

There are two more days "officially" left of the heat-wave, but there doesn't appear to be a lot of relief in sight - it's going to remain in the high 30's for at least another 3 days after that.

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