Friday, January 30, 2009

More losses

Yesterday proved too much heat for the worms - even sitting under the big cool tree in the backyard. Sadly, most of the worms have perished in the heat. :(

The remaining ones (they must be super worms!) we brought inside! Hey, there is a use for a room with no floor. ;)

The weather outside is over 44°C (111°F), so hopefully they're a bit safer inside even though it's 34°C in here. Crossing fingers!

PS: Corn seems indestructible. :)

PPS: The potato partially came back last night - cross fingers for them today.


  1. Most root veg will survive, even if the tops scorch, so beets, spuds etc should do OK. Good luck in that heat and keep your fluids up. It's 32 here in Tassie and that's more than plenty for me.

  2. p.s. you could cover your worm farm with wet newspaper or rags to help keep them cool.

  3. Sorry to read that you too had worm losses.