Monday, January 26, 2009

Fun without water

Lately we've been working our way towards getting the water tanks installed. It hasn't rained at all here for 2009, so I guess now is the perfect time!

My brother Ross was over yesterday and helped Marty dig out some trenches, following the pipes that are already there.

It was hot and thirsty work. The weather was officially 32°C (89.5°F) but it felt hotter! The ground was quite hard because it's also the path leading to the back of the house.

Some of the pipe was already damaged, and other parts were accidentally damaged with the pick-axe/mattock. Oops! Thankfully this bit wasn't important.

Unfortunately, one of the accidents turned out to be the mains water supply for our old cottage! This isn't something you should attempt late on a Sunday while all the shops are shut! Our solution was to botch something together using silicone, more pipe and some cable-ties/wrap-ties...

Which of course, didn't work! It was worth a try! We could have been without water for the rest of the Australia Day long weekend (today is a Public Holiday). Luckily for us Mum and Michael, who have done the same thing once before, and had just the part needed to repair the hole professionally and permanently.

It worked like a charm! Thanks again!!

This is the current state of the side of the house. :)

The plumber will be around tomorrow and may or may-not have everything hooked-up by then. Since the weather is forecast 39°C (102°F) tomorrow and 41°C (106°F) for the rest of the week we're at least not expecting any rain! ;)

Until next time!

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  1. Looks like you will never run out of things to do to your cottage. Such is life when you are renovating an old miners cottage. :)