Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Shovelling in the heat

We've all but finished digging out the floor in the lounge room, with big thanks to Michael and my little brother Ross for a huge helping hand today - despite the 37°C (98.5°F) heat. The pictures inside the room didn't do them justice, so here's one or two pictures of what use to be inside the lounge room!

It's amazing the work that the previous owners must have put into getting the clay rubble into the house in the first place - only for us to go through the equally (if not bigger) effort getting it all out again. Marty and Ross had to put each shovel-full of clay through the little lounge room window into a waiting wheel barrow below, then Michael and I took our wheelbarrows down to the "hole" in the garden to empty them.

Oh, that reminds me.. Here is a picture of the other side of the house as it is now. The rubble pile is a little bigger since last time, although we've made some gains in sorting the solid bricks from the concrete etc.

Here is one more picture of a wall in the lounge room, this time with a different wallpaper on it. Around it, if you can make it out, is the original lime render with an original light-pink-wash paint (which looks mostly grey in the photos).

Lastly I have a couple of pictures from the garden. The beetroots are slowly growing their roots, and looking really healthy. They look a little sad after a really hot day but perk-up again after a water. Thankfully they're quite tough little plants.

I planted a few herbs out into a pot that was found in the garden, and here's hoping they survive the heat as well!

Which also reminds me, I really should paint that back door - the blue just doesn't work. ;) The corn and the potatoes are being protected from the heat a little by some shade-cloth during the hottest of days, which is making a big difference. We're really looking forward to some cooler weather already - although not too cool until after the lounge and bedrooms are done, please! :)

Until next time!

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  1. Looks like time for a day of rest. Especially in that terrible heat.

    On a brighter note. We now have a new president. He was sworn in today. We in the United States are very proud and excited.