Friday, January 09, 2009

The latest

Here is the latest lounge room picture - I think it's starting to look better? :p

We had to buy a new pair of gloves each since the old one's fingers wore through! We also have some tools ready to begin pointing (taking out the old mortar and replacing it with new). That should start after this weekend - oh, and after we've shovelled the clay rubble out of the room!

Other (hopefully!) good news on the lounge room front is that we've located some used hardwood floor boards! Fr Richard at the Anglican church in Stawell is happy for us to take the floor at the dance hall that is being demolished near the church. We'll be attempting that on Tuesday - the weather is suggesting a 38°C (100°F) day, so it'll be interesting, especially as the hall no longer has a roof! Lets hope the weather people are wrong! :)

The garden is looking a little bare since the peas were taken out - it was the end of their season, and we were happy with the amount of peas we got! Enough for a few meals and to share with Mum.

It's not all barren though! We have corn sprouting!! (A little late, I know, but like the peas, hopefully we'll get an ok harvest!)

The beetroot are going really well. I've planted more in-between these ones, and some loose-leaf lettuce too.. if the weather isn't too much for them, we'll hopefully get some salad before the summer is out!

One of the bean plants is doing exceptional, and the others are mostly catching up.

The potatoes are all sprouting and are looking very healthy! (Yes, another late crop!)

Mum and Michael gave us an apple and a pear tree for Christmas and we popped those in the ground the other day. They need another apple and pear to pollinate - but we'll get those in winter for bare-rooted trees. They're planted right where the old shed was pulled-down and near the dead almond tree. The soil is pretty strange there, but hopefully they like it!

There were contractors called to clear up behind the neighbours house the other day, too.. Marty talked to the man, who'd been to Lansing Michigan before - and said he'd liked it. :) He was kind enough to give us some of the rocks found back there. These'll make great habitat for our ever-growing blue-tongue lizard population!

Lastly, I have a pic of the lemon tree (right) and the apricot tree (left). The apricots produced were not juicy or yummy, so we gave it a good prune and cleaned up the old apricots off it. I'll give it a good feed and maybe next year the apricots we give away will be tasty! (We don't eat apricots.)

That's all for now, I'll update again when I can!

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  1. Hello folks. Just to let you know we are following your exploits with interest -came here from the ALS website.
    That is quite a project you have there!

    Great news about the floorboards!