Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Weekend Workshop

We're back from a weekend of learning how to turn this:

Into something roughly resembling this:

With a lot of this in between:

We both attended the Moora Moora Co-operative Strawbale course last weekend. It was interesting, and we came home with a lot of ideas - and some practical experience with rendering in natural materials too (which is mainly what we were there for!). Old Miners Cottage bricks and strawbales have a lot in common, it seems. :)

We came home and the garden had survived the warm weekend. The Purple King bean plant is flowering! It's beautiful! I had no idea it would be!

And weather its being eaten or protected, I'm not sure - I found this big bug on it too.

Today and tomorrow are going to be exceptionally warm for us here - 38°C and 39°C (100°F and 102°F) so I'm not sure what we'll be doing - hopefully not much! I'll update soon!


  1. Hi, I'm glad you had a nice week-end. Do you have something in mind to build using the straw bales? By the way, In contrast to your 100 degree day there we in Michigan woke up this morning to minus 0 degrees. I would trade if I could.

  2. We're considering using our new-found skills on the chook pen! Using corrugated iron would be ok, but this way the chooks will be more cosy in the winter and cooler in the summer - and we get to practice on something not quite so stressful as a house.

    Sounds like it's freezing there, and you could do with some strawbale walls yourself. :) Is it time for Spring there yet?? We're soon to start the winter vegetable seeds going, so it can't be too far off.

  3. Naw, no spring for us for a while. We are still in the middle of a very long winter. Should start to warm up sometime in April.