Thursday, February 26, 2009

No news is good news.

This past week has been quiet at the Old Miners Cottage. The flowers continue to bloom and attract the bees.

We planted Bamboo near the water tank. It looks beautiful, just like Chris said it would.

The next door neighbours tree is attracting the local wildlife!

And finally, we put up a raised garden bed. We've filled it with pea-straw, compost from our own compost pile, and of course, sheep manure! (All very cheap and locally available to us.)

We plan on using this for carrots and parsnip this Autumn/Winter and maybe pumpkin next Spring. We'll see what happens when we get there! It should help green-up an otherwise dull area in the yard.

Otherwise, all is going fine. The corn has all decided to flower, although it is only about 1 metre (3 feet) high. Oh well, baby corn anyone? :)

Until next time. (Which I will attempt to be more often.)


  1. Love the pic of the flower and of the bird. Glad all is going good with the garden.

    PS Where is Henry?

  2. My corn did the same thing. I wonder if it didn't like the heavy clay soil? I've also discovered they're very water dependent, which I wasn't able to provide regularly enough.

    Love the rainwater tank garden bed too. Be interesting to see how your carrots go. I've heard they can be temperamental sometimes. A raised bed should help enormously.

    Oh yes, and the bamboo looks sublime! Very smick. :)

  3. Henry is spending a lot of time at Mum's.. Henry just LOVES Sam - their beagle - and the various birds and lizards at our place aren't in danger anymore. Win-Win, we hope!

    Thanks for the comments Chris - our corn is in mostly sandy soil here. We have them heavily mulched, but the soil is quite poor. I'm beginning to understand just how much organic matter is required now! Thank goodness the compost heap is finally producing. :)