Monday, March 02, 2009

In expectation of rain..

I have a plan - if anyone asks - I'll say it's miniature corn. ;)

In the background there you can see the gates we put in a few weeks ago. We took out the single gate (which supported peas just before summer hit), and made room for all 3 gates we've been collecting. The soil is well prepared with compost and sheep manure and ready for this pea (Greenfeast) and snowpea (Goliath) crop.

The beetroot is an amazing vegetable. It seems to work best if we cover the root with mulch as it develops - otherwise the root stays a little small. This one was covered, and is the best beetroot I've ever seen! We've recently planted plenty more - so yummy!

The plumber came around today - hopefully everything is fixed now ready for the impending rain! There is a 90% chance it'll rain tomorrow, best odds I've seen all year. ;)

The bad news is that it means there are even more trenches to walk around. Crossing fingers this is the last time, and we'll be able to reclaim the garden and the path once again.

I may have neglected to tell you that I pulled-up the lino in the bathroom on my Birthday this year. (What an odd thing to do, I hear you say!) Well, today I gave the old wooden floor some linseed oil treatment today and it came up lovely. There are paint spots along the side of the wall, but hopefully we can get it off.

The weather has become all calm tonight, and we're expecting some very strong winds with the forecast rain tomorrow. Everything has been put away and we're as prepared as we can be. With luck, the tanks will get some of the rain! (Mind you, it would help if we fixed the leaking gutters next. haha.)


Until next time!


  1. Yea! I sure hope the forecasts are correct about the rain. I love that you uncovered wood floors in the bathroom.

    How is the lounge area doing. Still without walls and floors?

  2. Yea, those wood floors look a lot better than tile, a lot more natural looking.

  3. Yep, the loungeroom and master bedroom haven't changed. We were not expecting the water tanks to take as long as they have to be installed and leak-free.. meaning there are still plenty of trenches to navigate around - not good for shovelling and wheelbarrowing dirt through a window on that side of the house. :/

    We hope to get started again very soon - winter is approaching, and it'd be very cold here without a floor!